Garena AOV-Arena of Valor MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

We are providing you a new arena of valor mod Apk game now you can play a multiple heroes and especially you can play Harley Quinn.
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arena of valor mod apk
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Unlimited Money

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Arena of valor (Garena Aov) is a mobile-based multiplayer online battle arena where you control heroes in a fair multiplayer competition on a battlefield known as Athanor. In the game, each side will occupy one side of the map by constantly attacking the enemy destroying their towers until the eventual destruction of the enemy’s crystal base to secure victory.

Unique Heroes

The extremely large number of unique heroes filled with the imagination and creative skills the excitement of confronting real players in real-time and the uncertainty that comes with teamwork and all factors that make every game you play a refreshing and unique journey. The thrill of the warrior’s brutal attacks pummeling defenses the mages arcane abilities that control the flow of battle, agility and fatality of an assassin ambushing from the shadows the Markman, Incredible long-range burst damage the supports incredible offensive buffs and team protection abilities there’s a hero for every playstyle with the amazing variety of classes in AOV.

Arena of valor

On top of that, your growth as a player is something even more exciting operating skills the number of heroes you can comfortably play game sense situational judgment split-second decisiveness and courage the accumulation of all this growth will give you a strong ability to win the game. Maybe one day you too will grow up to be a professional player on the stage of Arena of Valor global tournaments and become a super that everyone looks up to.

Arena of Valor For Beginners


Targeting what you want to hit is what I mean by that if you have played any time in arena valor you may have come across a time where you default targeting your skills and basic tags doesn’t always lang on the target you want to hit well in order to change that let’s head over to the setting,

Click on the control tab and switch attack mode to minion and towers and avatar lock mode to show avatars for available targets what this does is allow you to select certain enemies for locking on abilities and allow you to continue attacking towers or minions based on your situation rather than basic tax switching to a different target.

Trials heroes:

Every hero has the option to test them out on a controlled map against an Al opponent in which you can control what level your hero is along with the enemies ai,s level as well as how gold you have and the ability to test out new builds

I find It credibility useful if you are looking to find a new hero to unlock or you just unlocked a new hero and want to give it a test drive also a small recommendation when receiving new heroes please don’t test them out and rank play first try them in hero trial bot matches and casual matches but don’t start off with rank matches first.

Getting New heroes:

Some of you may have noticed that certain heroes are only available for unlocking through the lucky draw system which requires a special currency called magic crystals in order to try your luck now, You can buy these crystals with real money by buying vouchers and then exchanging the voucher for the magic crystals or if you don,t want to spend real money you have the option to use gems to buy magic crystals.

Harley Quinn Skin Is Here

Harley Quinn skin is added it,s skin for one of the characters already in the game, something I also wanted to mention

Harley Quinn in Arena of Valor
Harley Quinn

That I thought it was pretty cool when you do get the Harley Quinn skin it gives you 10 more gold at the end of the battles so it’s not like it does something inside the game that breaks the game in any way but it does give you a little bonus which I actually thought was really neat. so download this game and play with Harley Quinn.


There are a lot of heroes there are 40 heroes not including any of the DC comic heroes which for some reason are not in the game right now but there are a Burch of heroes and there are a lot of free heroes as well one way you can get heroes by spending money is to obviously go to the shop.

Purchase your heroes

Purchase your heroes and go to heroes right here and they cost either gold which you can earn in-game for free over time or you can use these things right here the vouchers which you have to pay real money. For so you guys know I,m free to play I have never spent a dime on the game again I,m new I have only played for a few weeks probably two weeks actually but I could purchase all of the heroes.

Chest option

Before the chest option was here every single day I was able to earn a new hero or actually two new heroes in the game by battling all I would have to do would be to go into a match I choose standard and I play a Battle. On that condition, you win or lose your battle you earn credit towards those three credits for the day so to get a hero you had to do three battles win or lose to get two heroes of the day you had to do six battles win or lose it didn’t matter and again guys you could only get two heroes per day.

To my way of thinking it was about 6 or 7 days long which would earn about 14 heroes today, it was actually 8 days long and in that time I was able to earn all the heroes that I had two ways that I would do it which would have it happen fairly quick

I play a skirmish valley skirmish which is 3v3 right here that worked out pretty quickly because they are shorter rounds they don,t take all day you know If you do the 5v5 it could be a very long battle so you will have to do a lot more of them and spend more time to get those heroes.

Heroes in Arena of Valor

The Battle of Arena

He has the perfect set of abilities to unshort any squishes from the early game even till the late game here is a very good clip of how to should play batman the best heroes you can use to counter batman would be max and darcy. While Batman is on his salt there is an indicator that tells him how many enemies are there within his range you can use this to your advantage while checking inside brushes and if you go close to a brush and if there is someone inside it will automatically indicate you that there is someone and you can avoid them.


2. AOI:

AOI is a really fun hero to play and she has a really cool mechanism that gets her around the map very fast she is insanely good for diving because you can use your s2 and dive inside and finish their marksman with your alt while also getting the untarget ability and escape. It is also harder to play than most of the other heroes on the list but at the same time, you can never deny the fact that she is so much fun and a very interesting hero to play.

3. Murad:

Murad is the oldest hero in the game and has survived the test of time and still remain to be one of the best assassins in the game his ultimate got nerfed very hard. since he cannot deal a lot of damage with it now his rank has got down in the list he can use his s2 and his ultimate and get those few seconds of fun target ability and he can dodge a lot of fatal attacks.

4. Keera:

Keera is yet another hero with a very cool mechanism that allows her to walk through obstacles, she is very good at diving under towers, she is also one of the harder heroes to play on this list, but if you are good with her you can be a real pain to the enemy marksman and mage, she is also the first hero in this list to deal magic damage.

5. Kriknak:

Kriknak is also the vintage hero and has been stronger ever since he was released, his ability to deal percentage damage makes the tank fear him as much as the marksman does, his alt has a very wide area of attack. He deals damage to all the enemies in it and since his salt has a very short cooldown, you can use it to go different lanes and keep ganking the enemies or to clear the waves and get the gold and start snowballing the enemy team until you win.

6. Nekroth:

The best hero to secure objectives and carry your team to victory especially in your solo queue, among all the heroes in aov macros has the highest mobility and therefore can jump across lanes clear waves, take towers, and secure the wind. Nekroth is no less than any other hero on the list because he has the immunity to control using assault and he can jump back outside after finishing their marksman.

7. Bright:

Bright can literally 1v5 the entire enemy team provided that they don,t have enough crowd control to stop him while he is using assault since bright deals a lot of damage in the late game, he can use the 3 seconds of damage delay to kill all the enemies and survive, he also has the ability to switch between melee and ranged form so that you can have a lot of versatility with him in battle heroes like flash and pain are a great counter to bright because they can hit and run.

8. Paine:

It is one of the most feared heroes in the game he has a very long dash using his salt to directly get him to the backline and his s2 to silence them and auto attacks to finish them, he also can use cs1 to enter the fight use s2 to silence them kill the marksmen or the mage and then use our alt to jump out of the fight. Paine can be countered using tanker junglers such as zephyrs and wonder woman, he is relatively easier to play than most of the other heroes on his list.

9. Wukong:

Wukong is a hero that hits you like a truck and before you even know what hit you, you will already be dead, in the case of Quillen and batsman if you go invisible there is an indicator showing your opponents that you are approaching them but for wukong,

There is no such indicator and if your movement speed is fast enough in that one second of invisibility using your s1 you can get on top of your enemy and they don,t even see you coming this makes it very hard for you to avoid him especially in the late game where he can be a terror to any squishy, you can also pick him as a counter to every single assassin in this list and just like the most of the assassins tanky junglers such as wonder woman can counter wukong.

10. Butterfly:

The butterfly is a savage who jumps into the team fight and wrecks all the opponents, her recent rework has made her rise above the assassins, she has the perfect skillset of very good assassins. she can use her s1 and receive all the shields to be a lot tackier even if she builds ed and with three stacks she can use any ability twice, she has true damage, she has a shield, she has a life steal, she is the jack of all the trades when it comes to being an assassin.

Football mode in Arena of valor

This is an all-new map fantasy Iceland in football mode you’re no longer required to push lanes, destroy towers or defeat enemies that are right, you’re being liberated from the traditional mobile gameplay these matches are only four minutes so you can pick up your mobile device for a casual fast and thrilling Aov football match anytime and anywhere. New kick ability is highly flexible not only can it be used to shoot but it can also be used in passing allowing you to coordinate with your teammates, the block ability can be used to stop the opposing team offense on its tracks, as everyone an impenetrable defense is a key to victory

Even if you fall behind in this mode there is no reason to be discouraged the moral system provides a trailing team with more chance to cast gravity the new ultimate ability we are using new technology. In this mode that regardless of which team you are in your own goal is always blue and the opponent’s goal is always red so you never have to worry about kicking the ball in the wrong direction. We can also change the weather system for football that adds a new dimension to the Aov experience don’t hold back let your imagination and creativity run wide with gameplay that can only be experienced on fantasy island.

Mod feature in Arena of Valor

  • Unlimited money(unlimited gems)
  • No ads


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