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Download the Raft Survival APK and enjoy the multiplayer adventure game. Get many extra things by downloading the Raft Survival APK.
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Raft Survival mod apk
App Name Raft Survival MOD APK
Size210 MB
DeveloperSurvival Games Ltd
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0 and up

No ADs

Unlimited Money

Unlocked Everything

Raft Survival Mod APK is an adventure survival game where you can explore the beauty of the ocean. You have to fight with different enemies in the ocean, collect every kind of item and weapon, and explore new areas and unoccupied islands. You will do many adventures on the island, explore the ocean by boat, fish, and more. It seems an accident that happened with you has left you pointless in the middle of the sea. Now you have to find a way to survive and return to civilization. Use your intelligence and make a way to save yourself.

You have to support yourself for survival in the boat. You need to use the material available in the boat to improve your makeshift Raft more. The most challenging moments for you are just a few boxes of support sailing in the center of the ocean. In these small boxes, there are a few pieces of wood, some living material, some food, and some elementary weapons that will help you survive. Raft survival mod apk unlocked everything from the shop you needed during the survival.

Raft Survival Gameplay

In Raft Survival Gameplay, you have to live on a small boat and survive using all the supplies you get to upgrade your boat. Your priority will be your boat; you have to make the boat stronger to live there safely. You can expand the area of the boat, along with some storage of food and weapons to improve your life. If you want to survive in the ocean, you have to fight the sea creatures, such as sharks. You have to upgrade your elementary weapons to easily defend yourself against the sharks.


If you want to make food for yourself, you can also use your weapons for hunting more sea creatures. Many other people are also lost in the ocean just like you, and you have to find them so you can rely on each other. Finding other people will also increase the chances of your survival. The people exchanges weapons and food also between them to make survival easier. You will explore many islands in the ocean. If you are lucky, you will find many boxes from the crashed planes and get the treasure on different islands. Download and play similar game like:

Raft Survival Multiplayer

Raft Survival is a Multiplayer game. You have to help each other to survive in the dangerous ocean. Teamwork is the key to your survival. The game officially supports the eight players, but the real limit is the server hardware of the host. Players will survive on the boat with the help of each other and build the resources to defend against environmental dangers. Raft survival free play game is well.


Raft Survival APK

Download the Raft Survival APK and enjoy the multiplayer adventure game. Get many extra things by downloading the Raft Survival APK from our website. You will get unlimited money in raft survival; you don’t need to spend real money in the game. Click on the right top corner button of download and wait a sec and then click on the link to download the Raft survival mod apk and enjoy this adventure game.



Q. Who is the Author of Raft Survival?

Ans. A Stepanie Stuve-Bodeen is the author of the Raft Survival adventure game. The release date of Raft Survival is 23 May 2018, and Redbeet Interactive is developing it.

Q. Is Raft Survival a free game?

Ans. Raft survival is a free game; you don’t need to spend real money to play the game. Raft Survival is an adventure game where you fight with different enemies in the ocean.

Q. Is Raft Survival a Multiplayer game?

Ans. Raft Survival is a skillful multiplayer game. You can join some friends on steam or invite new people to the game’s official Discord server, where you can connect them.

Q. Is Raft’s survival available on PS4 or XBOX?

Ans. The adventure game Raft Survival is not yet available on PS4 and XBOX. There is no chance of a Raft Survival PS4 or Raft Survival XBOX release.

Q. Which is the current version of Raft Survival?

Ans. The Raft Survival’s latest version is 1.213.10, and this version will not remain the same; it may be updated soon. The last update of Raft Survival is on 1 Mar 2023.

Q. What is the size of Raft Survival?

Ans. The size of Raft Survival is 119Mb. The size of this game is not very large, so you can easily download and enjoy it.


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