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As you know the PUBG new state beta is the new game of PUBG but still If you don’t play PUBG MOD APK then you must play this royal battle game. If you played this game then you deeply know the popularity of this game is the world most popular game and no one can compete for this game since it is a complete game that everyone wants and everyone has to need but now this game has launched new stage and this game has many features that we discuss below.

Pubg lover was waiting much time but know he is finally launched and you can easily play this game with your friends I think this new improvement is better than old PUBG. If you’re not satisfied with PUBG old then you play PUBG new stage and enjoy these stunning features like beautiful characters and many guns which you can customize and gigantic vehicles which you can drive in this game.

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Play Low Device

This game actually runs on the lowest device yes you’re right hear since many people were thinking this game will have high graphics that he will run on the high device and this game will lag on the lowest device but actually.

It’s the other way around lowest device people will not problem from PUBG state you can play this game on your android whether your mobile storage is not high and you will enjoy high graphics on you low device. By the way, it has many new features that we cant see manually and generally in old PUBG, many different sections which we can be training like shooting training, reflex and so on.


So many guns are similar to PUBG games no new guns are watching, you can apply grenade launchers in M416 such as metro royale mod so this is a new feature in PUBG new state but overall as much as weapons are same. but you can also customize your gun and I think this is an amazing feature that PUBG provides us and others as you can change gun parts.


Pubg new state helmet has special custom skin that is not available in PUBG mobile but this helmet is only level one and other level helmets are same to PUBG mobile so level one helmet skin are very stunning look it is a biker helmet and come from the bike since this game provides a special bike and this bike is awesome to ride.


Pubg new state has small towers and it has auto-open doors that are automatically open and in these tower has many guns besides that some special items as shield and drone but you can pick one of them, but these tower doors are close automatically for someone.


By the way, its new vehicles that are very good grates vehicles, many players are appreciating new vehicles most of the vehicles are similar but it has some new vehicles like evehicles, electric vehicles that Which makes the game more amazing

These new vehicles uses are normally gas is not used rather in-vehicle use an electric battery which recharges vehicles. In all vehicles, you can easily open the door and some vehicles are available in pre-registration and this car sound are awesome when you do bost. If you want to crass your car then you can and If we talk about bikes then the bike’s speeds are very high and the bike also used battery-like cars.

Auto Drive

This famous feature is available in PUBG new state with the help of this unique feature you don’t need to drive a car in this game, activate auto-drive and your car automatically moves forward but you will need right and left side control.


In this unique version, you will see many clothes for your characters but these outfits are locked you need coins to be unlocked if you have coins then you can purchase distinct clothes.

Drone Store

You can order from a drone store if you have drone money that we get in the game you just swipe and these items add your card and the drone will take your order you can order guns, shields, and many more, you don’t need to find items you can direct order and play.


The best graphics in PUBG new stage mod APK I think there is no better ultra HD graphics yet that’s it best graphics which we seeing in this game and not bad actually this is just the map is looking dim and so maybe in next update version this will be better but in this game, the area is very unique. Arena of Valor MOD APK are also available in MOD Version

Feature in mod version

Unlimited money:

With unlimited money, you can order your favorite weapons.

All weapons are unlocked:

If you download the mod version then you will play all guns.

Free Download:

You can download free PUBG new state max from our website.

Safe to use:

If you’re worried that the mod version is dangerous for your android then you need to change your think since millions of people are using the mod version and they have no issue.

Easy to install:

Even mod versions are easy to install but if you’re facing any issue with installing this game then you should try from our website.

Update automatically:

If you downloaded the mod version at that moment you don’t entail to update.

Player Review

All around the world are seeing this game is very awesome and everyone praising this beta version, this game is very smooth and new vehicles are too much better than PUBG mobile. The best feature is we can customize guns, many players of PUBG shifted to PUBG new state beta since this game has many features that are not in PUBG mobile, and this game upgrade version is coming soon and many players are still waiting that’s how new will see and what new feature would be. when I played this game I liked the vehicles that are in-game and the graphics are also good.

Pubg new state download pc

Pubg new state beta mod APK is available in pc and you can download for your pc from our websites without any complication and play this game full screen since the mobile screen is too small as compared to pc.

That’s the reason you cant enjoy in android, so if you want to download then click the download button and after 10 seconds you will see PUBG new state for pc, click and this game automatically downloads on your pc and you can comfortably install it.


Is PUBG new state Beta better than PUBG mobile?

Yes of course! Because PUBG new state is the latest game and PUBG mobile is an old game and they have no competition between, the new state has many new features that are not available in PUNG mobile and new features make this game more interesting many PUBG players are praising the new state. Many players are downloading PUBG new state instead of PUBG mobile and Free Fire mod apk.

What’s new in PUBG state beta APK?

Plenty of features are better and masses of new features that make the new state is awesome from others and one of the famous features are, you can customize weapons in this game and next feature is vehicles are too good which have open-door option.


If you’re facing any issues then you can comment below we will solve your issue as soon as possible.



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