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If you’re finding many video editors to edit your video then you must use a Kinemaster. Even many other video editor is available in the play store but Kinemaster is easy to use and easy to understand,

on that condition, you have no experience and you want to edit your youtube video and you have no laptop then you easily make attractive look video on your android, this app offers you many options.

This app is free for download and you will not have a watermarks problem. with the help of this app, you will be able to create all types of video editing.

kinemaster awesom effects

Kinemaster Premium Apk

We are talking about a famous video editor which name is Kinemaster Premium Apk, after using this app you will be called a professional editor.

Because this app is also professional this app provides you with awesome features. you can also use it on ios and pc. if you want to edit your WhatsApp video then don’t need to go to another editor

Since you have a lot of options to editor different kinds of videos whether that short or long videos.

The video you watched on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms are made with the help of a Kinemaster premium mod and they spend a lot of time editing,

Editing requires much time if you look at movies shooting complete little time, editing them takes a lot of time that’s the reason these movies take time to release. if your video is long then it takes a long time or if your video is too short then it takes little time such as Kinemaster does work.

Kinemaster premium provided you with all the facilities that are video editors need, now it’s your choice whether you add different kinds of music or you add different kinds of backgrounds Kinemaster has given you this advantage.


Kinemaster is a complete mobile editing app and from this, you can easily professional-level editing. You can edit as much as possible on mobile, you can edit that level of editing on your mobile that you do on a laptop.

Wherever you are, with the help of mobile you can easily edit your video. usually, people are interested in TikTok videos and they use Kinemaster because this app provides a lot of features, and enhance their video quality good this reason they like Kinemaster,

In a short time, you can edit your video with the help of your favorite app and save the high-quality video and you also would not face watermark issues.


Kinemaster Gold

Golden Kinemasteris all time better than other versions because this version gives you amazing editing features, most people don’t know about this version is a diamond for YouTubes that offer this version you,

And no one can, gold version yields you surprising effects who cannot come up with the Filmora app and other Kinemaster versions. Nowadays YouTubers Take advantage of it and apply it to channels

It is a modded version of Kinemaster and this version have zoom-in and zoom-out ability that some app has when you open this yellow Kinemaster then you would be able to use all features.

You go layer you could use all unique features, Just look at this how much creative are you and what creates are you for your video. if you’re not an editor so don’t have to worry because this app is professional But you don’t have to be professional to use it.

It can also be used by ordinary people it’s not a rocket scientist it’s simple like other app but does not same features as others because gold Kinemaster has stunning effects. you will enjoy these effects during your video editing on your smartphone and you can also use this awesome version on your ios.

kinemaster gold apk


Here are some brilliant features of this application which you need and whose you want to add to your video since you can enjoy using unlimited layers, no copyright music, video, photo effects.

If you want to download this type of video editor then download it here. if your editing is complete you tin share it easily on Facebook, youtube, TikTok, and you also share it with your friends and family members with stunning effects.

kinemaster Gold feature


chroma key is a brilliant feature of Kinemaster gold that helps you to create a green screen video and you have the option to add some awesome colors, the latest background that is not available in the pro version.

Effects and 3DTransition

The best features are effects and traction in this moded version without using these features you can’t edit your video professionally because it’s the major portion of video editing

And this version provides you with basic effects, mirage, pixel slip, scan wave, and more. enjoy with 3d transition and you have the option to download multiple transitions in your gold version.

But this version also offers you an incredible transition like classic, fun, text, travel and activity, sentimental, presentation, and so on. when you click on get more so you will get astonishing because you would relish the speedy warp, speed turn, and spin blur.

All features are unlocked

Kinemaster pro has some features that are locked but when you use the gold version you can easily use all-important and magnificent features that are unlocked.

It is a free version if you download it here but the original Kinemaster version is paid if you want to use that version that you would have to pay some money.

Golden Text

The extra awe-inspiring feature is here that is text animation. It is one of my favorite features in the gold version and it’s going to be your favorite too,

with the help of his fabulous feature you can create welcome text, gold color text, light ray text animation, shiny metallic intro, and text glow. This version is compulsory to have on your android since it would increase your editing level.

Audio record

Kinemaster gold allows you to edit your audio and add it to your video whether you record on kinemaster or you add from the gallery, you have two options and you can enhance your audio voice.

Apply this feature on youtube short videos now it’s a trend who are using on TikTok video, smack video it’s that platform that allows you to add audio whether that background your or not and lots of bodybuilders doing this on youtube short video.

You can apply the same work to your TikTok ids and don’t worry you won’t have a copyright problem.

HD Quality

Kinemaster download now

Another special quality you can download your video in Hd quality and also share video from your gold version.

Difference Between KineMaster Gold And KineMaster


Kinemaster gold renders you countless attributes whether that’s layers, colors, background color, animation, effects, wallpapers, emoji, themes, transition, and so on, but kinemaster allow you limited features.


Kinemaster gold provides you with HD video quality but kinemaster gives you a simple quality video download that is not suited for your favorite video.


Kinemaster gold is free if you download our websites but many people are worried this is paid version it’s a free version. On the other hand, kinemaster premium is a paid version.

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK

You want to unique some then I am sharing with you the best video editor app and it is highly recommended to use, it is similar to other kinemaster versions

But it has some extra quality which reason you must use this awesome version of kinemaster and it has many features that are not available in kinemaster pro.

It is also the best version of kinemaster and you do have not to face the watermarks issue on the diamond version you can remove the watermark and this makes your video the professional that you want to achieve.

Kinemaster Diamond apk

Kinemaster Diamond modded version

Kinemaster Diamond mod apk is also a best-modded version of our favorite video editor kinemaster that’s all features are unlocked and you can enjoy and a lot of text, effects stickers,

and many more that you need and that you want to add to your video that’s all here to make your video attractive whether that your youtube video, smack, Tiktok, WhatsApp,

And whatever, and even new video editor also uses these special effects because it is not difficult to use every type of people is easy using.

If you don’t have knowledge of how to use the diamond version then you should watch youtube videos that are related to this,

I am telling you if you are a youtube or if you want to become a famous YouTuber then you must use diamond kinemaster

Diamond Kinemaster

since diamond kinemaster is best for YouTubers and you can also use other versions of kinemaster like gold, green, and so on but every very is different to other and everyone has a different specialty.

Now it depends on you what you want and what you edit in your video since kinemaster all version all very famous but diamond is much famous from others since when it came to market everyone downloads it and they remove other editors after saw its popularity.

If you are a youtube and video editor you want to add many layers to your video then you should use a diamond version because kinemaster pro suggests you limit layers

But with the help of diamond mod you will add multiple layers without any problems. if you have no laptop that’s no problem, use this version in your android easily,

And instead of this version, you can use a different kinemaster version on your android and if you have a PC you should use this mod on that.


Speed control

Kinemaster pro does not provide you with a speed control option but does not have to worry because Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk delivers you a speed control that helps you to control the speed, up to 8x.

Effect store

KInemaster diamond feature

Diamond delivers you are multiple effects and you have an asset store in a diamond version that helps you a different effects download.

No Watermarks

Many people are facing the watermarks problem but with the help of the diamond version, you can download your video without watermarks.

Chroma key

Video editors already know what is the importance of the chroma key in editing, some versions do give you a chroma key option but the diamond version gives you a chroma key option.

Export video

You can export your video fast and with HD quality, so you don’t need to wait too much.

Kinemaster Premium apk vs Kinemaster Diamond apk

Both are good apps but have some differences below are

  1. It is a totally free version while kinemaster premium is a paid.
  2. Diamonad has no watermarks issue and all features are unlocked than kinemaster.
  3. Provides you with a speed control option than kinemaster premium.

Green kinemaster

Green kinemaster is a popular android video editor with a unique function. its a most advanced level video editor that professional video editors use

But now a simple video editor is using this since its special future is awesome that make your video is more professional and give your video an attractive look, it has many features like fx effects , media layers, and many more.

The widest problem is watermarks that are in kinemaster pro but you take it easy this green version will remove your all problems because it has no watermarks issue now you can easily download without watermarks problems

And apply your video on youtube since if you are using this version and you’re a youtube so this is for you.

I see mostly youtube is using this version because all features are unlocked in green. People from all over the world download this app and edit their own video whether that video is on TikTok, youtube, Facebook, vlogging, Instagram,

And other platforms since it’s an all-in-feature editor on android. Make your video in a green version and share it with close friends and social media with HD quality.

Green kinemaster apk


Mostly it is a similar feature to kinemaster but the green version has some additional features they are in below.

Export in HD

After editing your video you can export your video in HD quality and adjust the size that’s you want in your video whether that youtube video, TikTok, and more.

NO Watermarks

DO not worry about watermarks it’s has no watermarks problem app when you would export your video.

FREE version

YOU do not have you pay then don’t worry it a free and you can enjoy all fractures and all features are unlocked.


This amazing feature is in the green version and you can easily control your video speed and you can add slow or fast motion to your video because slow and fast motion is very famous in TikTok video and you must use this option in your TikTok videos.

Build-in camera

Green kinemaster pro apk has a build-in camera feature, use this additional functionality and make your video amazing.

3D Transition

Green kinemaster provides you with a stunning 3d option like bouncy box 3d transition, ULTRA SMOOTH, and many more options, after using this feature your video is more attractive.

Text and Effects

Both are very important parts of your video editing, add multiple texts in your video like subtitle, audio, or video and use different effects that make awesome your video.

Black kinemaster

Kinemaster in the black color is looking very awesome and this feature is more awesome than its look that is most supreme for a video editor.

Lets we talk about these amazing features like slow motion, speed control, and many more, this feature is very helpful to all video editors in the world and all around the world who are using this black version in their youtube videos,

TikTok videos, Instagram, Facebook and also other social media, you do not have to panic about this security because its all fully secure version and you can easily download from our websites without any problem.

Black kinemaster apk

Same like Kinemaster

These are all most same version as another kinemaster version, but its looks are very awesome in black because black color is an all-time favorite and many people are downloading this version for the reason

It’s black color and its unlimited functions, users can use this black version on your android, ios, tabs, and would same work on all devices.

To use it you don’t need to pay since it’s a completely free version and I hope this version is best for you than another kinemaster version, I have used all kinds of kinemaster versions

But there is no one like kinemaster black. When you would use then you would be impressed with its features since it has many stunning functions that help you a making good quality video and you can download your video with HD quality.

You can also enjoy multiple layers in your android phone since the black version provides you with many layers and also offer you an HD background and many options like chroma key, audio editing, fade in/fade out sound, color filter, convert your voice, and so on.

My favorite option is voice over the option if you want to edit video in your voice then kinemaster black mod apk provide you this facility, and the most important feature is a speed control option which is not available in kinemaster pro,

This option also has other versions like kinemaster green apk, gold, and diamond. Guys, it has provided you with all features which want every video editor and it has enough features to make your video more stunning.

Kinemaster lite

Kinemaster lite apk is a modded version of kinemaster pro apk, if you have low specification mobile then it is for you, it is a lightweight video editor and you can download here this lite version of kinemaster,

It has all features that you need like multiple video layers, voiceover, chroma-key, speed control, Subtitles, Special Effects and so on.

Kinemaster lite apk

The whole world also knows that kinemaster is the best video editor for android users and android users are want to make their video more attractive therefore they use kinemaster

But kinemaster pro has watermarks issues and another version has no watermarks issues like the gold version, green, diamond, black and lite.

Lite version for those people who have not high specification mobile like low ram, low speed but it has limited features which I discussed above.

When you make your video completely then you can export your video without a kinemaster log. It has many features like multiple audio formats,3D Transition effects, fade in/fade out, Built-In camera, New Themes, Sound Effects, text and sticker features,

Export video to high-quality formats and you can easily share your video on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, TikTok, Instagram, your family friends and so on.

KineMaster Prime

It is a modded version and it has some extra functions and features like another version of kinemaster. The unique part of this version is if you have a low specificational mobile like low ram, low speed, and many issues

So it is for you and you can use these awesome features like templates, GIFs, illustrations, sounds, fonts, free to use, and many more options that provide you in kineMaster prime,

The almost free version you don’t need to pay for this and this version give you all unlocked feature that helps you to create amazing video editing and when you export your video this version provides you an HD quality.

Kimaster prime apk

On that condition you have any issue with the watermark then you don’t take tension since this version is watermark-free,

you can export your video without the kinemaster logo and you also have a share option on social media like youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and so on.


This is helpful to you with all versions of kinemaster and you can easily download all versions free without payment. It is an all-time favorite video editor because users can easily edit your video anytime anywhere,

It is a time-saving app. Moreover, it has many features that make your video stunning and you can easily add your voice to your video and different kinds of music that you like, you easily control your video speed with the help of the gold version

And other versions, different version has a different quality some have awesome layers and some have amazing effects and it is up to you that which you like to you and what you would use.


Is KineMaster good for YouTube?

Most people are using kinemaster only for youtube because you can edit your youtube video easily with no watermarks.

Can I use KineMaster music?

Of course, You can easily use kinemaster music without any copyright issues and enjoy it in your video.

Is KineMaster better?

Sure it is one of the best video editors on your android, ios, and iPad and every kind of person are easily use this app and it has many features like unlimited layers, background, and more.

Is kinemaster lifetime free application?

Yes! it is a free application and you don’t need to pay.



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