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It is also an amazing version of the king series. As you know it is famous like the other version of a king every one is interested in playing this game, but it is most famous in youth but behind the success of all the game features like awesome graphics, and so on.

This game colors you feel relaxed during the gameplay, and you feel enjoyed, so if you feel bored or angry, you must play it will help remove all stress. This fun game gives us a chance to calm down when we are upset to get a new perspective. Appreciate the different challenges. It helps to beat the heat. I was going through some rough levels now, challenging and looking forward to new levels, and still enjoying the games.

General Information

It is a match-three puzzle game, and the game’s theme is farm style. In-game, you play with fruits, vegetables, and animals; of course, you can understand this game from this name, and it plays the same as other candy games; you can touch and move pieces in any direction. And you will see it is not a unique game, it is exactly working as the king series you will play four or five homogeneous fruits or vegetables and after you will get the biggest reward.


In starting, you will get five hearts but if you lose your goal, then understand you will lose a heart but don’t worry, you can get the heart in the next five minutes. It is very interesting to play every step of this game. When I was exhausted, I started to play to release my stress. My family and dear friends have a keen interest in playing Farm Heroes. Its super hard levels attract his players time by time, so I’m the regular player of this game.

farm hero saga apk
farm hero levels

I’ve been playing it puzzle game for many years. I would give it 5 stars but, there’s one tiny, annoying thing. When you start growing a Cropsie, then go back to collect more sun and water by playing a level, then come back to level up the crop size again, you’ve lost progress. This happens almost every time, and I get discouraged and stop growing them.

The puzzles are super fun, the graphics cute, the difficulty just right. But whenever I’m about to make a match of any fruit, a bit at the top right-hand corner gives you another item and mucks up the whole thing. It isn’t very pleasant because it’s when you least expect it. If only there were options to get the free items instead of shooting the items unexpectedly.

Farm heroes saga levels

Farm heroes saga cheats have up to 2535 levels and 134 episodes to play in-game. If we talk about it, an episode has15 ranks, and you will get some degrees in this game with variations. That means you can easily play additional boards, and you will see it have some remarkable events with a few quirky levels.

Farm heroes saga spider levels

You will see the spider in 266 levels, its color is dark purple, and its eyes color is brown. Cobwebs always encircle him, and cobwebs work like ice. If you clean a spider’s nest, it will move to the next nest.

Farm heroes saga mushroom levels

You will see the mushroom at 941 level. If you play this version, you will see mushroom drops down, which you will collect, and the baby of the mushroom will enlarge within one move.

Farm heroes saga firecracker levels

You will see a firecracker at level 356, a firecracker is a special level in farmhouse Heroes, and it will help you complete the level. It is available on the board, and it will look like a rocket.

Farm heroes saga poppies levels

It is available at 706 levels, and you will see 12 poppies on the game board, work on it to get free and try to kill two or more poppies at a time. If you are playing this game and you have 10 moves, at that time, you need to give up and try again.

Farm Heroes ice levels

It will appear at the start on the game level, you will see it on the board, and it is an element of this game. If you use frozen elements as a part of the match, they will be unfrozen. If you want to become a legend in this game, you will need to expert in frozen.

Farm heroes saga companion levels

It will appear at the end of the game level, this companion helps you complete the level, and it will give you a huge advantage in this game, and if you don’t want to use it, you can uncheck the related field before you start the game.

Farm heroes saga carrot levels

It would be best to collect carrots, but it is difficult to collect since the rabbit will steal carrots and will be harder in certain levels. If a bomb carrot is on the board, it will eat them.

Farm hero puzzle
farm hero help

Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook

Connect your Facebook to this game, and it will work as candy crush soda soga mod apk and other series of the king, so I think it is time to play the popular game with your dear friends you will connect your friends for the reason of this game. Still, the most benefit of this game is that you can compete with another player and show your skill.

Farm Heroes Saga update

If you want to update your game, update your app on the google play store, but you will automatically receive an update option if you are using the mod version. The update is necessary because you will see some new features after updating, but If you are not doing it, you’re will miss new features.

Farm Heroes Saga help

Suppose you’re stuck in-game or facing some problems that you do not solve, then you can ask your query on the play store, search youtube because they will give you some awesome tips for you, and it will help gameplay.


Farm heroes saga boosters

Every gamer playing this will help you complete your levels, but; farm Heroes Saga King has many boosters, but you can buy boosters for real money. Most of the players are buying it.

Farm heroes saga online.

As like the same from another candy crush, you will farm heroes saga play online. It is completely free to play an online game, or if you think the game is only offline, you don’t right since you can enjoy both online and offline, but online has some benefits to play some that are not offline.

Graphics and sound

Of course, behind this game, popularity is eye-catching graphics and good sound. You feel relaxed from this game color, beautiful trees, endearing animals, and peaceful background music during the gameplay. You will feel the original village.

Mod version

Smart people are download mod versions because they know whats benefits mod. If you want to be smart, then download farm heroes in the mod version since you will get unlimited boosters and you know it is most important for the move ahead, so download free from our website and enjoy with our friends.


What makes farm heroes unique to other king series?

Its graphics, its theme, and its nice animal. I think other versions are almost identical, but this is slightly different from another one. That’s the reason it’s too much famed.

Can everyone play farm heroes?

Absolutely! It is an easy game, and everyone can play this game, but some people are playing the first-time game and face problems, but it’s temporary slowly they will be a good players.

Final Word

As you know, it is a special game. You can play this game at that time when you are getting bored, and it is not a local game. It is the most popular game around the world. If you see its rating on the play store is 4.6, you can imagine how popular it is. If we talk about its stunning graphics that are loveable to play for everyone, especially for children, and of course, many of these game lovers are children, that’s why it is easy to play.


You can comment any time if you’re facing some problem downloading or installing and share your experience with this game.


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