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The anti-ban latest version of GBWhatsapp for Android
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Download GBWhatsApp APK’s latest version on your all android phone from here with all new and unique features since we are providing you a safe app. It is the most demanded version nowadays.

GB WhatsApp pro is the favorite WhatsApp around the world and most using because everyone is using this version and everyone is impressed these features and actually it has a lot of features that are not available on old WhatsApp

if you are tired to use of old WhatsApp then you must try this new version and have to enjoy these features like video calls, chatting, voice message, status setting, and many more that you need and that you want, everything is available in this version.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

It is the latest version of WhatsApp and you can also say it is the most used version in the world everyone is downloading this version because it has many awesome features that are not available in WhatsApp old version and you cant download this amazing version on the play store but you don’t worry we providing you this version with free, it is a fully secure app if you download here.

Gb whatsapp pro

It has got more famous in small time, everyone is talking about this version it is all from its qualities, after download you can use multiple features like dark themes, many attractive backgrounds,

and you can upload your status with 5 mints while the old version provides you only 30 seconds. You can add multiple accounts on your android even you can change the gbwhatsapp icon with different colors and styles, this option is available in settings.

Many people have thought that Gb WhatsApp pro is banned it is completely wrong information since many people are using this version without any problem

Even I am also using the version without any problem if you download it from our website then you can use this lifetime without any problem because we are offering you an Anti-ban WhatsApp.

If you are confused about downloading GBWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp pro then don’t worry it’s the same Whatsapp.

Download GB WhatsApp AlexMods

Alexmods is the latest version of GB WhatsApp and it has many new and unique functions that are dark mode theme, change color and profile, backup and restore feature

and one of the most important features is, you can easily download your friends status. Features.Link in Download button

Download HeyMods GB WhatsApp Apk

HeyMods is the latest and unique version of GB WhatsApp mod apk and it has some extra features that are a custom theme, hide chat, download story, hide privacy, change tick color, many stickers, and many more that you cant imagine. Link in Download Button


GB Whatsapp pro offers you an amazing feature that the original WhatsApp doesn’t provide you and many people are worried about their privacy issues so don’t take tension this version will remove your all stress and you can easily keep up your privacy.

Auto Reply

If you’re not online on WhatsApp or you are busy with someone then you must try the auto-reply option, this feature automatically replies to others whatever you write whether you write I am busy or I can help you,

you can write anything. Now when someone texts you then this option automatically would send a text and no one would say you that you no reply to my text while he would understand that you are not online at this time and he will not angry with you.


GB Whatsapp provides you with many themes and the popular theme is the dark theme, many people are download this WhatsApp for the dark theme because when you apply this theme on your WhatsApp its looks very awesome and gives your WhatsApp a very beautiful look,

you should try this lovely theme. while the original Whatsapp provide you with only one theme that is very irritating and does not look good that’s why you must download Gb Whatsapp

and apply a unique theme even this version offers you to download multiple themes and you can easily share these stunning themes with your friends, family members and other your Whatsapp group members.

Gbwhatsapp theme

Broadcast text messages

If you’re using WhatsApp and you don’t know what is broadcast text message then it is not your fault because other WhatsApp not provide you with this feature

but GB WhatsApp offers you this brilliant feature if you’re using many WhatsApp groups, or you’re an admin of many more WhatsApp group then this feature for you, this feature will save your time, now it time how to use this feature and its benefits,

if you want to send the same message in many WhatsApp group, then you text one message and select that groups which you want to send a message, and you select that group your message, this feature will automatically be sent your message, and this message will look a real message instead of the forward message

you’re are head of your class, if you’re are a boss, if you are a businessman if you have a gym and you have a lot of groups then this feature is only for you, use this awesome feature and save your time. This option is in the settings bar.


If you’re using GB Whatsapp’s old version then immediately update your version and install a new GB WhatsApp on your mobile because it is best for DND.

you’re sad or if you’re sleeping then this feature is for you, if you enable the DND mode then you can,t send or receive a message, and when you are free and want to chat with someone you can easily enable this mode,

Now I am telling you one of the best benefits this feature If you give your mobile to your friends and you have tension that your friend does not text anyone, then you should enable DND mode, with the help of DND mode your friend cannot send a message someone from your mobile.


Gb Stikers

Stickers are very important for us and without stickers are boring in chat, stickers are easily explained our thought and we don’t need to explain our feeling and opposite sides are easily understood,

GB provides facilities to download many stickers, with the help of GB WhatsApp your download lots of stickers whether that’s English, Urdu, Hindi, and many languages,

If you’re a memers and you want to download different kinds of stickers, then you should download GBWA because without GB Whatsapp you can,t download stickers. Many sticker apps are available in the play store you can download and add to your Whatsapp.

Hidden Chat

If you want to hide your personal chat, you don’t need to download the app but you have a GB WhatsApp on your mobile, with the help of GBWhatsApp you can easily hide your personal chat,

when you hide your personal chat, that chats are hidden in the password, and when you open chat that hidden chats ask you a password, without password you cannot open that chats and if you forget the password then don’t worry you can easily recover your password.

But don’t understand that everyone can open the hidden chats these facilities are only for you, and no one can,t see your chats.

Multiple Languages

If you want to send a message in another language or if you don’t know about another language but you to send your message in another language then you can send a message in any language,

This feature provides you GB WhatsApp, this feature works like the same google translater when you will use this feature you would understand this, I am also using this feature and this is very helpful for me and

I suggest you use this brilliant feature and And take advantage of it if you have a problem in English or another language then this feature would help you.


If you want to move to another GB version or you want to backup then you can easily restore your data, if you’re going to update you’re WhatsApp,

you should take back up your data from old WhatsApp to new WhatsApp, from this you can take all old data whether that is many old and one of the most important if you delete your important pictures, videos, and documents

you can easily download and recover just you click the backup and restore button then automatically recovering your all data in your WhatsApp and you can use this without any problems.

Video statuses of up to five minutes

GBwhatsapp status

IF you have a funny video and you want to upload it from your WhatsApp status but you worry about status timing then don’t worry you should download GB WhatsApp latest version

Because with the help of this amazing version you can upload status for up to five minutes of status on your WhatsApp without any issue, GB Whatsapp has many other amazing status options, if you want to see your friend status but he don,t know that you had seen his status,

You want this, then before watch status enables read receipts, from this you can watch easily your friend status and he will don’t know. Not only that if you like someone status and you want to download it then you can download status and he will don’t know,

This option is also only GB Whatsapp provide you, IF you are using business Whatsapp and you want to download someone status then you need a status downloader app but if you’re using GB Whatsapp then you don’t need apps if someone has uploaded status that you don’t like it you can hide that status.

Change the notify-bar icon

If you’re using simple WhatsApp and you don’t like the green color notification bar and you want to change the bar icon, GBWhatsApp provides you this feature,

with the help of this feature you can easily change your bar icon color without any problem, not only bar icon rather you can change bar icon color, GBWA provide you many colors and many icons, select your favorite icon and apply it on your mobile,

And if you want to change your Whatsapp notification icon then you can change your notification icon, these two options are available in universal settings, go and select your favorite notify bar icon.

Privacy & security settings

You are a user of simple WhatsApp and you want many privacy options, then you should try GB WHATSAPP because GBWA provide you with many privacy options instead of other WhatsApp

Gbwhatsapp security

Freeze Last Seen

IF you enable this option, then this feature provides you to hide online, if you are online and you want your WhatsApp members can,t see you online, then you should try this option.


if you want to un enable your blue tick like text blue tick, record, and so on, use this awesome privacy option, this is not only personal chat if you want to use this feature on your WhatsApp group then you can, and if you have created a broadcast list then you can apply this feature on that.


IF anyone calls you on your WhatsApp and you are worried about this, then you must try the call option, with the help of this feature you can easily select who can call you, this feature provides you five options, everyone, my contact, my contacts except, select contact and nobody, you can select your favorite option.


IF you share some videos or pictures with your friend and if you want to don,t show forward, then you must enable this option, He will think that you have sent.


IF someone sends you an important picture or video then he deletes it after some days, with the help of this feature you can see those pictures.

Show BLUE Ticks After Reply

If someone sends a message on your WhatsApp and you are busy at that time, you can use this option, You will see his message and he will not know, because of this option, there will be no blue ticks shows and he will understand that you haven’t read it yet.

Anti Delete Status

If someone uploads status and he delete status after some hours but you can see that status till 24hour just you can enable anti delete status option.

Whatsapp lock

This option provides you with three locks on your Whatsapp, finger lock, pattern, and pin, you can select one, and before opening your Whatsapp this feature provide you a lock and you have to open it. If someone using your mobile and wants to open your Whatsapp then he can,t without your permission. You must use this lock system on your WhatsApp for privacy because it saves your personal chats.

Send Unlimited Photo & Video

On that condition, you have many documents like pictures, videos, and son on
If you want to send all pictures in one click, you can use this but you have GBWA, IF you don’t have GB WhatsApp then you can,t send many more pictures, and if you have a GB Whatsapp you can send unlimited pictures in just one click.

GB WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp


GBWA provides up to the 5-minute status but WhatsApp gives only 30 seconds.

Sharing files.

You can share 100 files at a time with the help of GBWA but on WhatsApp, you can only 30 files at a time.

Send blank messages.

you can send a blank message on GBWA than WhatsApp.

Download status.

You can be download easily someone status with the help of GBWA than Whatsapp


This option is in GBWA than Whatsapp.


GBWA provide you much privacy option but Whatsapp provides you with a limited privacy option.


GBWA provides you with a much more secure option than Whatsapp.

GB WhatsApp pro for iPhone

You can use GBWA in your ios but most people are using this version are in android because iPhone users take tension about its security and they use WhatsApp official version

But now many iPhone users are using GBWA and they have no problem, this application is working the same as android phone, you can easily use this GBWA on your ios without taking any stress

I am also using this version without any problems and its features are working amazingly, If you want to download gbwhatsapp for iPhone from here then click the download button and enjoy amazing GBWA.

GBWhatsApp For PC

Many people are using green WhatsApp on their pc and many people are don’t know that they can use GBWA on their pc but some people have knowledge

But they can,t download GBWA on their laptop they have faced some issues but if you’re one of them, you can download GBWHATAPP for a laptop from our website without any problems,

If you download from our websites then you can use all Whatsapp features and you want to download from here, click the download link and enjoy GBWA.


WhatsApp is the most popular app in the world, it has many popular versions like GBwhatsapp, YOwhatsapp, FMwhatsapp, WhatsApp, and so on, this is a version of WhatsApp,

This is all versions are available on android, ios and windows.IF you want to add GBWA to your mobile, I advise you to add a temporary contact number because the GBWHATSAPP is banned for use,

It is a very common issue in GBWHATSAPP and it is possible your account will be banned after detected, therefore use official Whatsapp, and if you want to download GBWA PRO for amazing features you can use it but on temporary numbers, not a permanent number

Because it is a crack version, not a real version, and if you are facing some issues then you need to update your version.



It is the most popular messaging app and it is not a real app it is a crack version of official WhatsApp, It has many awesome features like hidden chat, auto-reply, download status, privacy, DND, and many more that make it more popular than official WhatsApp.

What are the features of GBWhatsApp?

GBwhatsapp has many features that you can easily use without any problem, it is a lot of features like DND MOD, hidden chat, sending large files, many emojis, using many accounts on one device, day and night mode, airplane mode, and the most important is dark mode.

Is GB WhatsApp legal and safe?

GBWA is a cloned version of WhatsApp, it is not legal, and it is not safe to use since GBWhatsApp could steal your important data and it could be, that’s why you must use official WhatsApp.

If it would have been legal then it would be available in the play store, otherwise, if you’re using this version for status or other reasons you also can but temporary not permanent.

What is the benefit of WhatsApp GB?

Gbwhatsapp Pro has countless benefits and it has numerous features that make you smarter.

  1. Innumerable privacy settings
  2. Broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people
  3. Upload status up to 5 minutes rather than 30 seconds
  4. Last viewed Hide
  5. Use DND and night mode
  6. Change notification icon
  7. Hide your personal chats
  8. Apply a strong password
  9. Message deliver Hide
  10. Read receipt hide
  11. Last seen hide for your WhatsApp family


If you’re getting bored and want to unique something, you should download GB WhatsApp latest version from our websites, if you want to do unique and enjoy with many stickers, themes, many more, and hidden chats.

I think this version makes you smarter because you’re using much privacy rather simple WhatsApp user have no knowledge about this if you using the latest version then you can enjoy many features otherwise if you’re using an old version then you are missing something.


GBWhatsApp APK Download for android, ios, and Windows are available in the download link above, click the download button and you will see all and if you’re facing some issue then contact us.



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