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Download Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game With Unlimited Money. Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sniper.
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This game is a third-person shooting game with some first-person sniper missions occasionally, the game has a pretty cool campaign that starts you off very easy, and then it gets harder and harder the graphics look good, and sometimes they look very impressive, the sound is nice it’s not great but definitely above average.

I was having a lot of fun playing this game until I got to the later missions where you really have to update your character some times it seemed like they almost wanted to force me to pay to upgrade my character I just waited it out it took like two days to be able to upgrade my character to be able to beat the next mission.

Cover Fire apk

Now that was one of the reasons I didn’t like that and I dropped the score a little bit I would definitely say that this was a must-play game If it wasn’t for that. I had a fun experience with the game and If it wasn’t for them trying to force me to pay to upgrade I would definitely tell you this is a must-play game.


The Gameplay is very easy to master and I loved the bosses they look very cool If you’re ok with pain or grinding it out to upgrade your character. I will tell you to give this one a try as it sits right now with the flaws that I will give this game 4 out of 5. You should play this game because it is the most popular game right now and it has a 4.5 rating on the play store, you can imagine how famous this game is.

Cover Fire Offline shooting game

So here is something that I probably guess that you guys did not expect me to make a post on, so I know you like to play a multiplayer game online shooting games like PUBG New State and Call of Duty Mod APK. pixel gun 3D even free fire, Warzone, and a whole host of other games right.

But I know many people are like to play offline shooting games and most of them are really really bad If you were going into the google play store or the Apple iTunes store and you were to look at all of the offline shooting games they are made with unity, they are made in few days and they are posted there with 30 thousand ads and they really just don’t give you a great experience.

cover fire offline

However, this game is not like other offline games it’s a too much better game and it has 100 million-plus downloads on the google play store so a chance you are might have heard of this game or I sure you played this game already.


Offline Play:

But It actually a really good game and if you maybe don’t have internet one time this might be a game you want to download on your phone so you can play offline and the campaign are really good some of the other stuff is really fun and I just think its a really really good game. That actually thinks is fantastic I mean at least for an offline shooting game and If you were compared it to all of the other ones that I have played in the past this is miles above all of those other games.

So if you have a little bit of extra space on your phone and sometimes you don’t have internet and you know you’re bummed out because you can’t play pubg, pixel gun or call of duty or any other mobile shooting game this might be something that you want to consider downloading just you can have it on your phone for when you can’t play those other games.

One finger play:

The most interesting thing about this game is you only use one finger to play this game and this game utilizes the 3D touch on the iPhone which is amazing so you can target just by moving your finger around on the screen anywhere the screen and then when you want to fire you just actually press down so this is where the 3D touch comes to play.

This is the first game that I have seen that utilizes this to this degree that it’s really really nice I’d played this game with my thumb my right thumb was on this bottom right screen and I was can move the target around and when I won’t want a fire I just press down harder so from a gameplay perspective this is fantastic because now you can aim and fire without picking up your finger or using a second hand what you are essentially doing is.

You are the utilizes the IOS 3D touch and you can fire just by pressing down harder on the screen. At the end of every battle If you win you sort of get this slow-motion last kill shot which is kind of cool though it does get a little reluctant because they show it after every battle. After every battle, you also get cards so you pick them in two to four and you know there’s cash, there are upgrades to your skill sets, and things of that sort you also get extra characters.

Enjoy online tournaments:

This feature is added in the game and you know what about online tournaments and if you have any knowledge I let me you can play cover fire with your friends whether he is out of the country and city and also enjoy with your family members. But if you have great experience about playing this game so you must play with other players who tell you can check how much you have experienced so I think you should have to challenge other players of this game and should win, And you don’t worry about the end of this game, this game will not end until you finish so this is a great advantage of this game in my opinion and you should have to take advantage and win from your friends and other players.

Free to play:

Many peoples are thinking about this is paid game because it will run without an internet connection so I let you know that is completely free of cost game and you can take all advantage of this game is fully free and. You can download cover fire mod apk unlimited everything, from our website and enjoy with unlimited gold. Infinity Ops MOD APK are also available free to play.

Play on your low storage Mobile:

So this is one of all amazing features and that is a fully impressive feature that I found out for you so I think now it’s your tension is removed and you have the best game that has Offline ability. You can enjoy a high graphics game on your low storage device and I let you know the most important this game works exactly the same as work on your iOS, but If you play this game on your iOS then this game give you a smooth feeling and the fun of playing the game is doubles.

VIP Modes:

If your play this game you will see many VIP modes and every mode is amazing but If you play the first time this game on that time you will take time to unlock all the Vip modes. Because the first time all Vip modes are locked but can step by step unlock and you will enjoy all mode but If you download cover fire VIP from our websites then you can enjoy it free.

You can get the VIP essentially gives you extra gold, extra energy which you use energy to run the missions so If you really get into this game you can buy this where you could run the missions more or you could wait for every twenty minutes. When you will be playing this shooting game that time you will see this game has 5 VIPs and you can get or play all five VIPs.

Three Levels

This game gives you free crates of all three levels so classic rare and epics this is really found in any mobile game typically they will just give you the standard which is here in classic on like a 24-hour timer or you just get a random prize. And for the other levels like rarer epics you have to buy them but in this case, they give you a free rare every 12 hours in a free epic every 24 hours and of course, you can buy them with gold that is a really nice addition and I hope more games pick this up where they do give off rare and epic chests or gifts on a timer versus jester standard.

Build Your Team

If you have any mission and you want to be successful from it then, of course, you need teams exactly like the free fire game and pubg game,

cover fire team

Now this game provides you the best feature you build up your team and kill many enemies because if you kill many enemies you can earn many golds that will help you to take many guns and you can complete your mission.

Play ads-free

I think you played most of the games that disturbed you in the game and make your experience not good in that games and the last result is you did leave the game and you do select different games. I think other games should learn from this game, and make it like this game because this game has no ads problems and you will be thinking that this game is offline then how I can tell about ads right. So now it’s an important point is If you play a tournament in this game or you play with your friends then you need an internet connection and that time you will not see ads so that’s my point.

Unlimited Money and Gold

I know you like this the most from this feature and every gamer are wanted this feature from every game but unfortunately, other games are not providing these facilities. That is providing us with cover fire but the main point is what can we do this money or gold in-game so you can buy your most loved guns, you can upgrade all the weapons and other stuff that you want in-game.

Difficult to win

You know this is a sniper game and every sniper game is not easy to win when it in start it is very difficult to play but you know every difficulty can be easy when you have much expertise in you this game and it is possible then when you play cover fire game much time.

Cover fire APK is easy to play when you have experience and your weapons are upgraded, then automatically you win all stage but remember one thing as the next stage approaches, this game will become more difficult.


This game has HD graphics that every gamer wants and these graphics make it extremely better than other offline games If you see the cover fire is an offline game and it has much better graphics but some other offline times are very bad quality graphics and they work not better. Cover fire has good quality graphics if you have low storage mobile or high storage mobile, it will same work on it and the most important thing is it the game will work amazing on iOS and you can enjoy the real fun.


Like other sniper shooting games, this game has massive guns and these gun sounds are very awesome.

cover fire weapons

But if you want to play all types of guns at that time you need much gold since these many guns are locked and you can get unlimited gold if you download cover fire from our website because the mod version provides you limitless gold and gems that will help you to play.


Cover fire game is easy to play?

Yes! It’s a really simple and unique game to play you don’t need to have any experience to play you simply download it and play as well.

Cover Fire is safe for android & iOS?

Of course! If you’re worried about its security and you want to play but you’re confused about the download mode version so Let me tell you millions of people are downloading the cover fire mod version and have no issue with this you can download without any stress.

What is new in the cover fire mod version?

If you download the mod version at that time you can use first unlimited gold with the help of you can unlock your favorite guns and other stuff second is unlimited energy and the third one is Vip activated in your game.


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