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Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash!
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Clash of clans is an app game I have got it on my iPhone and me super freaking love it so anyway I am just actually playing it and I am falling in love with this game. This game is super awesome it’s probably my favorite, you know iPhone or ios are supposed it’s really really awesome it’s like a strategy game so you have to kind of build a town hall. So in the middle here you have a tall hall I have been playing it about many times and I am the not only one that is playing this game the whole world is playing this game and this game become very famous in a very small time and all lover of this game are can play only in android.

Since our android is easy to adjust our picket and we can easily play this game with our best friends, family members, and another player you can challenge. Other players in this awesome game and you show them how you are campion in this game and what can you do. But you can remember one thing if you have a low storage mobile then you cant play coc since it is a heavy game and he will work on the high storage device.

Clash of Clans Diamonds

The heroes are unique in how they work the damage per second and the hit points increase at a greater rate depending on the level thats a cool little fact that not a lot of people know so it is worth the grind to upgrade your heroes.

1-Clash of king (Barbarian King)

He is a melee-style hero unlocked in town hall 7 at the maximum level if you take a look at his hit points it is over ten thousand and in comparison with archer queen. He has pretty much three-time the number of hit points so that should tell you that you want to be using the barbarian king.

As a tank potentially to protect your archer queen for the lower town levels town 7 through 9 I would say your primarily going to be using your barbarian king in the center of the base. Because your hero is such a strong asset so in order to do that you have to create the funnel on either side.

So that your heroes do enter the center now your barbarian king will be deployed first you may take golems or giants in order to give him a little bit more tankage. But the idea is since your barbarian king has greater health you use him first to absorb the damage for your archer queen entering the base.

Archer Queen

She is unlocked at town hall 9 she has fewer hit points than the king but she has greater damage of 814dps at maximum level in comparison with the king 500. So whilst this is not three times the damage she benefits from having range versus the barbarian king who has to walk to his desired target and I would argue her ability the royal cloak is better than the barbarian king since it turns her invisible for a set period of time.

clash of clans queen

Play with Archer Queen

Each hero has the ability is unlocked at level 5 and each ability has its own level increasing ineffectiveness as it levels up you gain an extra level for every five hero levels. Therefore to put it simply you unlock the level 1 queen ability when your queen is level 5. you upgrade the ability to level 2 when your queen hits level 10 etc because you unlocked the arch queen at town hall 9 you already have a few different options.

Another advantage of doing that is she can help to take out clan castle troops since she can shoot both grounds and air targets but the queen is a ranged troop so because of that you do have to be careful in her pathing. A queen walk is sending your queen on the outside of the base a queen charges sending her inside the base a lot of time you merge this together a little queen walk into a queen charge need to set up pathing for this.

So I used a yeti blimp and a baby dragon to ensure my queen walked where I wanted her to go that can be trickier to funnel with her being a ranged troop now you want to try and take out major targets with his so after I have destroyed the clan castle troops.


My target is the town hall whilst also the scattershot this differ in level but I explain all with my queen walk queen charge guide and what you are also doing is setting up pathing for your actual attacks. We talk about pathing so often and all of the heroes are used to doing that really so alongside the initial funnel my queen takes out the entire top area of the base so that my hybrid is able to move through.

So if you’re looking for the best way to use the queen I would highly recommend that you start practicing the queen charge. But if your queen is a lower level you probably do want to use her into the base alongside your troops you could also use a hero dive method although granted this is better the higher level your heroes

It’s kind of like a mini kill squad you are only getting a small amount of value but why it is good for the queen is because she has the range. She can reach further into the base you might send her in with the barbarian king to the tank or you could send her in by herself

You might even use a couple of support troops, to funnel, wall breakers to get her into the base, or an ice golem to the tank. But the idea is you are taking out a small area that could be key defenses such as the eagle’s artillery and the inferno tower in this instance.

You can also do this just to create this pathing a common method is to use the king on one side of the base the queen on the other side to set up pathing for let’s say dragons to move through the base.

3-Clash of Clans Grand warden

The grand warden is a unique hero unlocked a town hall 11 since it has multiple use cases he can be used just like any other hero to provide damage. He has a pretty good output based on his range but his main use case is his life aura this increases the hp of troops inside but it works offensively and defensively on your defense of clan castle troops

And heroes, so you want to try and make sure he is in range on the defense of your clan castle. His best use though is the ability, the eternal tons, turning troops immune for a set period of time so you want to use this over high damage areas of the base such as the gig bomb at town hall 12 and 13.

Using the grand warden himself to take down buildings can be a pretty sensible move if you do it prior to then using him to support mode. Because he has a really good range and can rich deeper into the base then let’s say the archer queen. So a common method is the grand warden walk.

If you going to be using healers anyway with your main attack this is because, in this example, he can reach the eagle artillery whereas the queen could not. The archer queen can reach only three tiles behind a wall so the eagles would have to be one-time tile further forwards for the archer queen to reach it.

The jungle Warden Benefits

But the grand warden can reach four tiles behind a wall so the ego being within the reach means it is highly valuable. The other benefits as soon as places troops within his radius a significant amount he will move to support them switch his priority to support mode.

clash of clans jungle warden

Play with Jungle Warden

So you don’t really need to set up a funnel for him other than to get to your desired target because it’s very easy to pull your main army. When you are ready with regards to the grand warden aura where he gives the troops and added HP it’s pretty easy to identify due to the faint circle around him

This is also where the troop inside will turn immune due to the eternal tomb ability pretty much it’s also this circle where you need to deploy troops in order to switch the ground warden into support mode. Now the grand warden will try and support the highest density of troops known as ward and weight and this pretty much mimics the troop housing space

So the more density of troops that is where the grand warden will try and support golems and lave hounds are the only troops that are different in this regard. They are not worth as many wards and weight because very rarely be grand warden, whether it is a lava loon or a ground attack such as the yeti smash, your grand warden ability wants to be used in the most dangerous area

So if it is town hall 11 this could be trying to tank eagle artillery fire you may also use a rage spell as you use the grand warden ability so that as your troops are immune they can power through an entire area. But at town hall 12 and 13 depending on your army you might have to commit the grand warden ability to the town hall gig bomb. You can also get pretty clever with the timing of the grand warden’s ability.

4-Royal Champion

He is a new hero of clash of clans and is unlocked at town hall 13, unique in the fact that she is a defense targeting hero however she will re-target and attack enemy heroes, clan castle troops she won’t remain locked on defenses

Such as hog riders or ballons would much like archer queen the royal champion is a ranged troop although she doesn’t have quite as much range she can jump over walls such a benefit over the archer queen. I do feel like her reduced damage per second and hit points are a reflection of this but her seeking shield ability can bounce through up to four targets.

Favorite Hero

My favorite use of the royal champion is to sideswipe the base and there is a specific reason I like to do that with the hybrid moving down over. I send the royal champion in at six o’clock where she can take a little bit of damage there is no point in her being full health throughout the raid.

But so that the hybrid merges in to absorb some of the fire she can take out the bunch of defenses and create pathing, so that the hybrid locks its fire to the multi and the scatter but as soon as that goes down there are no defenses to the south.

So they can merge across to the eagle and it means you are concentrating the fire of your main army exactly where you need it to the most dangerous defenses. Many people like to use the royal champion just merged in with the army I only do that if it is a defense army so if I was not a miner if I was just using hog riders.

I might send the royal champion in because she is protected behind the hogs but also when there are heroes and the hog rider can’t fight back. The royal champion could take those out but since the minor can do that, I would not gain that advantage so try to use the royal champion based on the army you are using so you can take advantage of the fact, she is defense targeting hero.


Free to Play

Clash of Clans mod apk is totally free you don’t need to take tension about its payment and its features but its feature is paid but it is not compulsory to buy you can play without these features.


Every game lover is praising clash of clans graphics and behind the success of this game is 3D graphics since if graphics are bad quality then its totally unusable, without good graphics games are not going to be popular. Zombie catchers mod apk graphics and gameplay are similar to coc.

That is why coc is very famous in the whole world because its graphics are too good and very clear and the most important is the animation of this game is very amazing and enjoyable to every gamer.

Make your Village

This feature doubles the fun of the game When a lot of people found out about this feature, they couldn’t stay to download this game

clash of clash build

Since this amazing feature allows you to create your village and as the owner of this village you will save your people from another and you will protect your village.

Clash of Clans skins

Every hero has many skins and these skins are locked but you don’t worry you can buy the hero’s skin but you should have many gold and gems then you can buy your favorite hero’s skin and can play with them.

Clash of Clans in mod version

With the help of the mod version, you can get unlimited money, unlimited gems, and unlimited gold that’s why every gamer loves to download the mod version. ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE are also available in mod version


Clash of Clans is easy to play?

Yes! it is too much easy to play but if you don’t play any game before or if you want to play coc mod apk at that time you will face some issue but before you played you can watch a youtube guide video.

Clash of clans is available for low android devices?

Absolutely not! because it is a high storage game and it will run on a high storage device if you want to play this game then you should buy a big capacity device.

Clash of clans mod apk is safe and free to play?

Of course! It is a completely safe game on your android device and you can use this mod clash of clans free without missing any features.


Download coc mod for android from our website without any installation issue but if you face some glitch of downloading or installing the file on that time you can comment below.


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