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Call of duty MOD APK is a well know game around the world and its story is based on world war. Its high-quality graphics and pros make it unique to other video games. The call of duty java game has won many players’ hearts. It is not possible that you are a lover of shooting games and you still do not play this game.

Even a common person also knows about it. It is available for your different devices you can play it on your smartphone, pc, iOS, and even tablet. But it is much better on the handheld device, you can enjoy the real fun of it but it is not a hard and fast rule that you must play on the handheld device.

It was launched in 2003, launched it has grabbed many hearts, it has made our childhood better, it is not only our favorite game rather the young generation of its time has also played it. So play this multiplayer map game, and have fun with all features.

Call of duty Gameplay

Absolutely overall great game, no lagging issue, good graphics, and melee weapons, just everything about this game is extraordinary. I spend lots of time in this game and have tons of fun with it but ever since the new battle pass for 2023 it has been a not good experience for me, it takes hours to download maps that I already download and it’s always been kicking me out of the game completely also when I get into a match it’s freezing every so often, Definitely, every game has some issue. I am facing just this problem and some players have login issues maybe they can solve the login problem since it is a common problem for everyone.

call of duty apk


Behind the success of this game has very important of all features, this game is an auto-update that means you don’t need to update, again and again, you just download and play. The most important talk for every lover of this game you downloaded the mod Apk version, you can unlock all characters, clothe, and weapons. This is available just only in the mod version so don’t waste your time and download cod Apk right now.

Unlocked characters

In the simple version, the players have to spend a lot of time unlocking all characters, they need to finish some levels then they was able to unlock their character. Now the intelligent player has known the modified version quality, therefore, they firstly download modified version because they know they can easily unlock all their favorite characters, without playing many levels.

Create Team

If you want to play the multiplayer mode, It is very hard to make a team but with the help of a modded version, you can create your team easily since all characters are unlocked.

call of duty multiplayer


It is another marvelous feature in the game, with the help of this feature you can kill the enemy in one shot. It automatically recognizes the enemy and kills it in one attempt. It is a little hard for beginners but later it will help to kill the enemies.

Call of duty Free To Play

If you want to play it and you have some confusion that it is a paid game or free game, we can clear all your confusion. Everyone is playing this game is completely free and enjoying all features. Of course, it is a popular game but it is a free game to all like PUBG New State MOD APK and Garena Free Fire MOD APK games, you just download and play call of duty-free game.

Root not required

In many cases installing the video game on your smartphone need to be the root but it obstacle is not in the call of duty Mod Apk since there is no need to root your android before installing the cod.


Innumerable video games need to reload the weapons that can slow down the process of enemy kill and it could also give the enemies time to kill you but in call of duty, you don’t need to require the same pattern since it provides you auto-reload option you can kill your enemy without wasting your time to reload your weapon. You don’t need tension to reload weapons again and again just focus on your enemy.

Unlimited Access

The mod version offers unlimited points you can unlock more features and the more benefit unlimited access is you can upgrade your weapons and player uplift to a higher level.

Anti-Ban Feature

This feature provides the facilities to secure your account. Your account can’t be blocked or deleted by the developer of the game. Many mod games have this issue that developers of the mod version can block your account and sometimes they deleted the account but the developer of the cod mod developer can’t block your account.

Call of Duty Online

Call of duty warzone is free to play online games, call of duty multiplayer game you can play with your brother and your close friends. Call of duty warzone mobile is also free to download. Create your team online and get more chances to hit the target.

Call of duty New Update

I have been playing this game for a long time. Honestly, it’s my favorite game on android forbids amazing graphics, gameplay, and add-less experience. The last update is not good and full of bugs. The network keeps showing connection issues though I have a good internet connection. When I try to start the game, it keeps disconnecting and says. Unable to join match. It is not only my problem, and my game partners are also facing it. Call of duty update is not better for its players.

Call of duty Modes

Many modes in the game have made it much more special, and probably these modes are behind the success of this game.


Call of duty zombie mode is the best, you will not see your special villains but you will see a few blood-thirsty zombies. You can use all melee weapons to take out half-witted foes.

Sniper vs Sniper:

This is a steady-paced mode in the cod arsenal and every sniper lover will praise this mode.

Call of Duty PC

Everyone knows are it is a mobile game and we just play it on mobile. It is not correct, you can enjoy on it your pc also. Some of the players feel easy to play with handheld devices but most of them are want to play on pc, and it is beneficial since battery, a big screen, etc. Call of Duty Online PC is much better than android.

Call of Duty Android

Like the call of duty download for pc, you can download for android, but remember one thing you will must have a high-quality smartphone if you would try to download low-quality android it will not run perfectly on it. Therefore, download Call of Duty ios or on high graphics mobile because the call of duty size is large.

Call of Duty Tips

Here are some more beneficial tips that you can get more achievements, these tips are very helpful for beginners and other players

Using Drone

call of duty drone

It is available in a multiplayer mode where you are given a missile for progression, the targeted enemy direction, you can use the missile to kill the enemies, and you forward to the next level of the game. The drone also helps you where is the enemy position on the map, it would be easy to kill the enemy without losing the target.

Shooting Modes

call of duty shooting mod

Choose the best shooting mode there are two modes are available in-game one name is simple and the second name is manual. In Manual Mode, the player kills the enemy by pressing the shooting button on his own. This shooting mode is used by advanced players. In simple mode, it works automatically and it is especially helpful for new players but advanced player uses manual mode.

Height Falling

call of duty falling

The player’s health decreases when he falls from the top and has more chance to get killed, your player should not fall straight it will be risky and the player loses much health, the player must fall glide toward the ground it would be better rather than straight.

Final Words

Call of duty advanced warfare is multiple action shooting game on your android. The game has 3d graphics that will force you to play again and again. Play all over the world to unknown players and make more friends through this game. Call of duty mobile Garena is a little bit difficult game because you will fight against millions of enemies. If you’re a beginner then start from Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 and further.


Q. We can play call of duty offline?

Ans. Most games allow you to play offline but cod games do not provide this facility for players, if you try to play offline then you can’t play, so you would have to play online.

Q. Is the call of duty Xbox 360 available?

Ans. Yes! Call of duty black ops are available for Xbox and whether you can play on PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Ds.

Q. Are we will get unlimited money from the call of duty mod version?

Ans. Of course! When you download call of duty in the mod version, you can get unlimited money and this money is very helpful for you in-game.


Let’s suppose, you’re stuck in downloading and sometimes you’re facing an installation issue that time you can just comment to us below, we will immediately try to solve your problem and save your important time. You will don’t face that issue again. Thanks


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